2016 Toyota 4Runner Lift

Is it the best looking Toyota 4Runner in town?

Denali Magneride Delete

Save big and gain more when you go to replace the shocks in your GMC Denali Truck

3" GMC / Chevrolet Suspension Lift

This is our most popular GMC/Chevrolet lift - a 3" performance suspension system! Featuring a better than factory ride and increased capability.

Land Rover Defender Cage Upgrade

This Land Rover Defender receives a serious cage upgrade, with 6 point frame tie in.

Ruby's Rebuild

A commemorative restoration for a TJ.

Sleeper Tacoma

Rides like a Cadillac and accelerates like a V8?

KM3 Launch & Rubicon Trail Recap

In June, The 4x4 Center joined the BFGoodrich team on the Rubicon Trail to assist in launching the new KM3 Off Road Tire - see how it went!

KM3 Launch #3 - Hitting the trail

Airing down and shifting into 4low. The 4x4 Center joins BFGoodrich for the launch of the New KM3 Tire on the Rubicon Trail.

KM3 Launch #2 - We leave at day break

The 4x4 Center is at the Rubicon Trail in California to assist BFGoodrich in the launch of the NEW KM3 Tire!

KM3 Launch #1 - Arrival at The Rubicon Trail

The 4x4 Center assists BFGoodrich in launching the New KM3 tire - we've just arrived at the Rubicon Trail.