The 4x4 Center of Vermont is the area's leading driveshaft shop. We build driveshafts for cars, light trucks, SUVs, off-road applications, heavy-duty trucks, and agricultural equipment. Many shops outsource their driveshaft needs to The 4x4 Center because we have the specialty parts and tools, to build and repair shafts quickly and efficiently. Count on The 4x4 Center to deliver heavy duty, and well balanced drive shafts, to your door, or installed in your vehicle.

Driveshaft Maintenance & Repairs

For customers and shops a like, The 4x4 Center performs driveshaft maintenance and repairs. Not sure what is wrong with your driveshaft? Bring the shaft, or the vehicle to us, and we'll correct the problem as fast as we can!

  • Driveshaft u-joint replacement.
  • Driveshaft center bearing replacement.
  • Double cardan driveshaft repair.
  • Driveshaft balancing.
  • Driveshaft shortening & lengthening.

Driveshaft Balancing

Serviceable driveshafts might be causing a vibration because they are no longer balanced. Rebalancing an existing driveshaft can eliminate a rotational vibration. Our driveshaft-balancing machine starts at 1,500RPM and we can turn it up even higher which helps us meet the needs of a large array of vehicles and applications. Balancing a car or truck driveshaft at less than 1500 rpm’s does not provide a very good result.

Custom Driveshaft Builds

The 4x4 Center builds custom driveshafts to meet the specifications of your vehicle. Have a question about how to measure or order your driveshaft? Give us a call and we'll walk you through it!

  • Steel Driveshafts
  • Aluminum Driveshafts
  • Agricultural Driveshafts
  • Heavy Duty Truck Driveshafts
  • Off-Road Driveshafts
  • Modified Vehicle Driveshafts

Why get your driveshaft from The 4x4 Center?

  • Fast turn arounds - Bring it in or ship it to us!
  • High speed balancing.
  • We build for standard, and custom applications.