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Training & Events at The 4x4 Center

     The 4x4 Center started providing off-road training in 1993. Since then, we have trained a variety of people ranging from The US Military, to families that wanted a unique and useful experience. Over time, our offerings have grown to include business specific courses, UTV adventures, and winter road skills. Our instructors are part of a team at The 4x4 Center team that live and breath trucks, SUVs, UTVs, and just about anything else that takes you on an adventure.

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NEW for 2021: Learn & Drive (your own) Classes!

     You asked, and we listened! By popular demand, we now offer a series of classes that allow you to drive your vehicle, on The 4x4 Center's private network of trails. This limited series is planned to run through mid-June 2021 to see how desirable it is, if you love it and attend, then we will do more!

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Business Driver & Employee Safety Training

     We provide a variety of training courses that are designed to help build employees confidence and skills, while ensuring that businesses receive the documentation necessary to prove that proper training has occurred. Whether employees are driving small cars or trucks, operating on or off-road, pulling a trailer, riding on an ATV, running a chainsaw or more, businesses find that the comprehensive classes and learning opportunities we provide are essential to the ongoing safety and success of their teams.

Critical driving skills for business personnel


Recreational & Enthusiast Experiences

     If you are seeking to learn more about off-road recreation then you've come to the right place. The 4x4 Training Center provides a variety of classes and adventures that range from scenic and fun off-road rides, to in depth off-road learning experiences. New and experienced drivers find value in our off-road classes because this form of learning, only comes through experience. Whether you want to learn more about what it is like to drive a truck or UTV in the woods, how to find trails and navigate them, how to equip your vehicle, or if you are a serious off-roader looking to advance your recovery skills, you'll be sure to find our classes informative and exciting.

The BFGoodrich Off-Road Experience


Winter Driving Skill Development & Entertainment

     In Vermont we usually see the first snow in October and the last snow in May. That means nearly 8 months of winter driving! Getting around in the snow and ice is second nature to some, but it's not for many. Let us help you feel confident when the temperatures drop below 32 degrees. Whether you're a new driver wanting to build some experience on ice & snow or a more experienced driver looking to reboot your winter skills, we have a course that will help, or entertain you!

Build your winter driving skill & confidence


     Whether you’re looking to enhance your professional driving resume, want to protect your employees with job-related driving skills, need to learn expedition related driving techniques, or want avoid damage to a new toy (or yourself), training is key. A few days of training can help prevent some very costly mistakes, and will make the adventure far more enjoyable.

Our terrain

     The 4×4 Center training facility is located in the heart of the Green Mountains. With access to over 1,100 acres of natural terrain with many miles of professionally maintained trails, The 4x4 Training Center also features twenty acres of man-made obstacles, including a paved skid pad (complete with sprinkler system to simulate all weather conditions), frozen ice driving lane, and snow courses. Our northern Vermont location allows for outstanding winter driving challenges from December through March.


     Prior to driving, every course starts with a training presentation to establish principles of basic driving technique and the mechanics of how vehicles and machines work and operate safely. Only then can you master the critical relationships between the driver and vehicle and vehicle and the terrain. All training is based on the principle that if you understand it, you will succeed at it.


     At the core of our program are our instructors: instinctive teachers who can make anyone feel at ease with the extreme demands of off road driving. All of our instructors have years, if not decades, of experience operating 4×4 vehicles. From a wide variety of backgrounds they make up a team that can cover the wide range of individuals we cater to.

Fleet of vehicles

Land Rover Defenders

Toyota Tacomas

Jeep Wranglers

Toyota RAV4s

Toyota Hilux

Ford Excursion

Honda Pioneer

Polaris RZRs


     The 4×4 Center driving school, located in Bolton, Vermont, encompasses over 1,100 acres of natural mountainous terrain including twenty miles of trails. We break all this down into four specific training areas — mountain trails; man-made obstacles, which we design and build ourselves; a winter ice and snow pad; and a paved skid pad complete with a sprinkler system to simulate wet or icy driving conditions. Our on-site classroom comfortably accommodates up to twenty-five people and is equipped with computers, internet access, full food and beverage services, bathrooms, and vehicle maintenance facilities. Larger meeting areas are available upon request.


Lodging, meals, and meeting space is available from our partners at Bolton Valley Resort and The Essex Resort & Spa. Learn more about what they have to offer, by visiting their website.

On-Site Bolton Valley Resort Nearby The Essex