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Part Time Job Description: Driving Instructor / EMT

Driving instructors in The 4x4 Center’s - Tire Training Program work the job all their friends envy, needless to say, that is why these positions do not open frequently. We are specifically seeking a part-time driving instructor with EMT training to join our operations. Our program operates on 350 acres of beautiful mountainside terrain and focuses on training tire center employees, on the benefits of Michelin & BFGoodrich on, and off-road, tires. As a Driving Instructor, you'll present information to students, train students how to drive under certain performance conditions, and assist with daily maintenance of the training center.


An important part of this role is using your ability to articulate and connect with people in a way that helps them develop their skill and confidence; having prior experience instructing or teaching is a plus. The hands on driving experience we provide is taught via auto cross driving, off-road driving, snow driving, and ice driving. Our program runs year-round and is set up to be safe for everyone involved. These video and photos on this page provide a glimpse of what a day at work could look like for you!


While this is a driving instructor position, instructors are a valuable component of each work day and are expected to help the team with tire changes, classroom prep & clean up, and assist in maintaining all driving surfaces (summer and winter). You can expect to spend 8-10 hours a day in one of the most beautiful work environments in Vermont (outside playing with tools and machines).


Job Responsibilities Include:

  • Driving Instruction

    • Discussing and teaching tire technology
    • Off-road driving
    • Pavement driving
    • Winter driving
    • Compact construction machines
  • Maintenance

    • Set up and break down of all daily driving school operations
    • Vehicle preparation
    • Tire preparation
    • Winter course preparation
    • Ice lane preparation
    • Winter snow making
    • Trail maintenance
    • First aid
    • Supply ordering & pick up
    • Clerical & cleaning needs
    • Video & photos of daily classes

*We have an excellent safety record because we are a training center. Training is provided where needed.



apply today!

There is one Part-Time Driving Instructor opportunity open.
Your experience & availability will determine total compensation & benefits available.
Applicants with EMT training are highly desired.

To Apply, email cover letter & resume to [email protected].



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