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The 4x4 Center provides world class vehicle maintenance and auto service for vehicles of every make and model, 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive alike. Whether you need an oil change, tire rotation, or an engine overhaul, our technicians are ready to get you back on the road. At The 4x4 Center, you’ll quickly learn that it is our service that sets us apart from the rest. Visit our Service Center to learn more or, give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

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Vehicle Upgrades


The staff of The 4x4 Center is made of real life gear heads. We’re here because we couldn’t get the service we needed elsewhere. 95% of shops don’t jump at the chance to fix a rotten frame, build the custom bumper you really want, or work on that truck with 35 inch tires. The truth is, that’s the kind of work we’re really passionate about! If you’ve been thinking or dreaming of your next build give us a call. We’ll help you plan it out with you and make it a reality

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Restoration Center


Through the course of our lives priorities change as we grow older, there’s no getting around it. One thing that has stayed constant is our passion for Automotive Restoration. Our seasoned and knowledgeable team evaluates each project independently and works with the owner to create a vision for the final product. When you bring your favorite vehicle to us, we’re going to give it the love it needs, to take care of you for years to come. If you’ve got an old Jeep, Land Rover, Classic Pick Up, or anything else that has been collecting dust, bring it to us where we’ make the old, new again!

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Training Center

Training, Preservation, Safety.

Often times the vehicle you drive is an extension of your personality, a lifestyle, or a specific for your job. Our team of expert guides help drivers to better understand their vehicle, how it operates, and how to control it under many different conditions. We provide classes for businesses that ensure employees are properly trained in accordance with OSHA specifications. We ensure safety is a top priority when you drive off road, on the ice, and in the snow. Learn more today and let us know if you have specific drivers education needs for your business!

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