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          This is an entry level introduction to driving your ATV, UTV, or SxS off-road; designed to give drivers an intensive and immersive driving experience in a variety of off-road driving situations. This class is perfect for individuals that enjoy recreational trail riding or a family that has recently purchased an ATV or UTV.  Designed to meet and exceed basic safety training requirements, we also pack in a thrilling and informative day on the trail. Our seasoned instructors will share techniques that make your driving easier, smoother, more efficient, and safer. With proper training, and some practice, we'll turn these techniques into skills.


  • How to preparing yourself and your machine for off road travel.
  • Understand the abilities and limitations of your machine.
  • Differential and four-wheel drive controls.
  • Safe transmission, brake, & throttle operation.
  • Understand the law and trail etiquette of UTV/ATV use.
  • How to read and understand the terrain.
  • Basic driving and safety techniques.
  • Vehicle control and balance and weight distribution.
  • Maximizing traction.
  • Basic principles of off-road driving techniques and safety.
  • Appropriate tire pressures.


     This course is open to all types of ATVs, UTVs, and SxSs - while providing a fun and exciting trail ride experience up the mountain side, participants will also learn valuable information that will improve their driving and safety while out on the trails. This course starts with a classroom session to make sure students understand the basic mechanics and potential dangers of working with these machines. To prioritize the importance of practice and “seat time” the bulk of this class is conducted in the field, helping create comfortable and capable drivers. The class quickly moves outside to the "warm-up area;" 30 acres of purpose built obstacles where students can see what the driving techniques feel like on a relatively high-traction surface. In the warm up area you will drive one of our UTVs for an hour with an instructor in the passenger seat. As you drive, participants learn how to work with a spotter, identify a vehicles vulnerable points, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Your ability to navigate our UTV around the warm up area reinforces the tips and, helps you learn how to read the trail.

     Once comfortable in the warm up area, each participant will apply what they have learned to get their ATV/UTV ready for the trail ride (tire pressures, recovery gear check, readiness check). When everyone is ready to go, we will form a convoy and drivers will pilot their own ATV/UTV on one last practice lap before heading further up the mountain, into more natural and challenging terrain. On the trail ride we will have aproximately 1 instructor to every 2 ATV/UTVs which provides ample time to ask questions, receive tips, and grow your experience while driving your own machine. Along the trail you will traverse dirt & gravel trails, ditch crossings, ravines, rock, and off camber situations. The challenges you encounter will be appropriate for beginner level learning, to establish your comfort in driving on a variety of surfaces.

This class is limited to 6 participant ATV/UTVs.

Sample Agenda for the Day

  • 8:30am - Arrival, Check In, Waivers, Safety, & Overview of the day
  • Classroom driving techniques and safety procedures.
  • Split into two groups
    • One group will receive a driving demonstration followed by behind the wheel training in the warm up area.
    • The other group will learn to perform safety inspections of their ATV/UTVs and recovery equipment. Also a good time to ask questions about your ATV/UTV.
  • Trail ride in your own ATV/UTV.
  • Lunch (bring your own lunch, we will eat along the trail)
  • Continue trail ride.
  • 3:30-4:00pm - Wrap up and certificates.

Available Dates

  • The 4x4 Training Center is open Monday - Friday, with the ability to schedule private classes on Saturdays. Interested in scheduling a class? Use the form below or give us a call to let us know. It can just be you, you and a friend, or a group of friends! Contact us for scheduling & pricing.

Important Details

Minimum Vehicle Requirements

To safely travel the trails we require each vehicle to have:

  • 4WD Low Range.
  • Tires: All-Terrain or Mud-Terrain are best for traction and puncture resistance.
  • Securely mounted tow points, front and rear.
    • Tow points should be attached to the frame or part of an integrated bumper system which, is properly attached to the frame using grade 8 bolts.
    • Tow points may be hooks properly mounted to the frame with grade 8 bolts
    • Use of manufacturer installed bumper mounted tow points with clevis or D-rings.
  • 1 Tow strap with no metal hooks or loops.
  • Arrive with a full tank of gas.

Waiver of Liability

  • Participation in these classes is at your own risk and each person will sign a waiver before beginning class.
  • The 4x4 Training Center will do it's best to keep you and your vehicle safe however, OFF-ROAD DRIVING IS AN INHERENTLY DANGEROUS SPORT THAT PRESENTS A SERIOUS RISK OF VEHICLE DAMAGE OR INJURY/DEATH RESULTING. In some cases, damage cannot be anticipated, controlled, or avoided. Therefor we do not assume any liability of personal injury or property injury from participation in these classes. Due to the ever present danger associated with off-road travel we cannot guarantee the safety of participants or their vehicles.
  • Do not bring pets. While this is fine on your own time, pets provide a distraction from the course of instruction which can cause accidents to occur.

The Trails

  • The code of off-roading stipulates that you care for and respect the trails upon which you travel. The 4x4 Center owns, operates, and maintains the private network of trails upon which these classes are held. The trails are only usable through one of these classes and are, private property. We ask that you do not try to access the trails on your own. The land is not posted as others enjoy the trails, such as hikers, skiers, mountain bikers etc. Please don’t ruin the fun for us and others.