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The UTV Off-Road Adventure

     Have you been doing the same thing every week and wonder, where is my time going? Why haven't I done anything fun lately? Hopping into the drivers seat of UTV for an adrenaline fueled adventure, should change all of that!

     Outside of training individuals to drive safely and practically off-road, The 4x4 Driving School also offers some really fun adventures for folks that are just looking to have a good time! If the idea of white water rafting or sky diving have crossed your mind, how about heading out on an off-road UTV adventure? Sure, we're a driving school so you'll learn a few things while we're having fun. The bulk of this adventure is performed in the drivers seat, touring the trails of our 1,100-acre facility. Under the watchful eye of our expert instructors, students will progress, gradually increasing their skills from slow speed and flat ground maneuvers, to operating on extremely rough terrain.


  • You can go for a UTV ride other places, and experience small, stock UTVs. Or you can come to The 4x4 Driving School and drive fully built machines with add-ons they don't even sell.
  • Do some rock crawling - you won't find that on most UTV tours.
  • Learn how to control a UTV in a variety of environments.
  • Understand some of the laws and etiquette of UTV/ATV use.
  • Ascend and descend steep slopes and side hills, safely.
  • Our small class sizes make for more driving, and more fun!


  • Basic driving and safety techniques
  • Vehicle control and balance
  • Trail etiquette


  • 8:30am - Arrive, Check In, Overview of the day
  • Classroom driving techniques and safety procedures.
  • Outside vehicle walk around and familiarization, equipment introduction.
  • Driving demonstration followed by behind the wheel training in the warm up area.
  • Vehicle driving, guiding, and spotting in the warm up area.
  • Lunch (bagged lunches are provided)
  • Trail ride.
  • 4:00pm - Wrap up.