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Off-Road Recovery

     Recovering stuck vehicles is essential to proper off-road travel. Those experienced in off-roading will tell you first hand, it's not if you’re going to get stuck but when, if you’re exploring the limits of yours & your vehicles abilities. Getting back on the trail & moving again can all be part of the fun when done properly & safely. In Off-Road Basics, we teach you how to drive effectively, and responsibility. In Off-Road Recovery we teach you what to do next, when, winching or recovery are necessary to keep moving.


  • Basic recovery gear
  • Electric winches
    • Single line pull
    • Double line pull
    • Redirected pull
  • Tow point location and improvisation
  • Kinetic recovery


  • 8:30am – Arrive, Check In, Overview of day
  • Classroom discussion recovery techniques and safety procedures
  • Vehicle walk around and familiarization, equipment introduction
  • Recovery demonstration and equipment handling
  • Staged recovery practice
  • Lunch
  • On trail drive recovery practice
  • 4:00pm - Wrap up of the day