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An Off-Road 2-Day Adventure

     Looking for a fun adventure like white water rafting or sky diving? The ultimate Vermont adventure getaway awaits at The 4x4 Training Center! We start this two-day off-road adventure nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains at 1,500ft of elevation, poised to take on 1,100 acres of trails. This adventure incorporates the best elements of all our classes to provide an immersive adventure experience that is great for the family, and fun with a group of friends. Whether you are an experienced off-roader or just want to do it for the experience, this is an outing that you won't forget. The skills you learn may come in handy any day, in a multitude of ways. What are you waiting for? The adventure starts at The 4x4 Center!


  • Basic principles of off-road driving techniques and safety.
  • Tire technology & choice.
  • Equipment and vehicle analysis.
  • Vehicle preservation through the use of routine maintenance and strategic driving.
  • Vehicle control and traction management.
  • Onboard electronic vehicle controls (traction control, stability control, hill descent control)
  • Drivetrain & suspension types.
  • Basic recovery gear
  • Electric winches
    • Single line pull
    • Double line pull
    • Redirected pull
  • Tow point location and improvisation
  • Kinetic recovery


Day 1

  • 8:30am - Arrival, check-in, overview of the day
  • Driving techniques and safety procedures.
  • Vehicle walk around, familiarization, and equipment introduction.
  • Behind the wheel training in the warm up area.
  • Vehicle guiding and spotting on the rock garden.
  • Lunch
  • Recovery basics, single winch line pull, and kinetic energy recovery.
  • Trail drive
  • 4:00pm - Review of the day

Day 2

  • 8:30am - Review of driving and safety technique.
  • Warm up of driving technique
  • Gnarly trail drive
  • Lunch
  • Gnarly trail drive
  • 4:00pm - Wrap up