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Off-Road Basics

     Trust our instructors when they say, learning to drive off-road the hard way can be very expensive! We've all done something new at one point or another, and having a basis of understanding before you jump in can go a long way. Save your tires, your drivetrain, and most importantly, your time and money with an off-road class that will help you avoid making costly mistakes. We'll share the techniques that make off-road driving easier, smoother, more efficient, and safer. With proper training, and some practice, we'll turn these techniques into skills.


  • Basic principles of off-road driving techniques and safety.
  • Appropriate tire pressures.
  • Equipment and vehicle analysis.
  • Vehicle preservation through the use of routine maintenance and strategic driving.
  • Vehicle control and traction management.
  • Onboard electronic vehicle controls (traction control, stability control, hill descent control)
  • Drivetrain & suspension types
  • Spotting and guiding

     This course starts with a classroom session that breaks down and simplifies the vehicle mechanics, driving techniques, and gear needed to operate a 4x4 vehicle off-road. We then head out into the field where we use our 1,100 acres of mountainous terrain to practice. Classes start in our "warm-up area;" 30 acres of purpose built obstacles where students can see what the driving techniques feel like on a relatively high-traction surface. Once comfortable in the warm-up area, we venture farther up the mountain and into more natural and challenging terrain and surfaces. Along the way, participants learn how to work with a spotter, and identify a vehicles vulnerable points. Your ability to navigate the vehicle around these areas of vulnerability teaches a lot about driving and helps you learn how to read the trail. After all, getting from point A to point B requires a plan and when off-roading, it's not as simple as pointing the steering wheel and hitting the gas.


  • 8:30am - Arrive, Check In, Overview of the day
  • Classroom driving techniques and safety procedures.
  • Outside vehicle walk around and familiarization, equipment, and recovery gear introduction.
  • Driving demonstration followed by behind the wheel training in the warm up area.
  • Vehicle guiding and spotting on the rock garden.
  • Lunch (bagged lunches are provided)
  • Trail ride.
  • 4:00pm - Wrap up


  • Lunch is provided.
  • The vehicles are provided
  • We will spend about 1 hour in the classroom to start, reviewing safety material and demonstrating driving theory. After that, we will be outside the remainder of the day.
  • All you need to do is show up and be ready to learn. Come equipped for a day in the woods, based on the local forecast. We suggest wearing pants and boots.