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Department of Defense Tactical Training

     When there is a need to receive critical training in a specialized environment, The 4x4 Center of Vermont excels. The Department of Defense has used these classes to train personnel with important winter driving, terrain analysis, recovery, and vehicle preparation skills.

Tactical Winter Mobility

     The climate in Vermont from December through March offers some unique challenges for 4×4 operation in severe winter conditions, similar to other mountainous terrain around the world. We offer opportunities to learn about cold weather vehicle preparation and how to experience routine, and emergency maneuvers, on ice and snow. Participants in this class learn the essentials to driving on snow and ice and how to create and manage traction of the vehicle.

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Tactical Off-Road Mobility

     A great introduction class or a refresher, participants learn to operate vehicles off-road in varying terrain and difficulty. Along with driving skills you learn how to analyze terrain before attempting to drive it and recover stuck vehicles. In this class you learn the essentials to off-road travel, and that includes troubleshooting vehicle problems and performing basic field maintenance and repair too.

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Vehicle Outfitting & Preparation

     Learn how to outfit vehicles for different uses like overlanding, off-road use, tactical missions, and more. The 4x4 Center has decades of experience providing consultation, and outfitting vehicles for individuals, businesses, and the military, with the tools they need to conquer the terrain ahead. Proper preparation is essential to mission completion; get the training and information you need today, at The 4x4 Training Center.

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