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Overland Travel Training

     "Overlanding" is a form of travel as old as time - The Silk Road moved cultural influences across Europe, settlers overlanded wagons across the US as they settled new territories, Mark Smith's adventure from tip to tip of the Americas was the first of it's kind, in a Jeep. Today, enthusiasts are building more capable vehicles and trucks that enable them to take their camping adventures on the trail. While the purpose of the trip has evolved over hundreds of years the sense of adventure one receives from exploring and traveling to the unknown, is still as great a passion as it ever was. Today, small trucks, vans, and SUV's dominate the overland market for vehicles. Each year more products are brought to market that help us adventure and recreate into the unknown, and this means one thing, more and more people are learning this form of travel!



     The most important value to learn in overlanding, is preservation. At The 4x4 Center our Overland Classes focus on the very basics that will make you a respectful traveler, an accomplished driver, and leave you equipped to manage the challenges you'll encounter along the way. While super fun for the adventurer, getting home is just as important as setting out. Respect for your vehicle, and our environment, is the only way to be successful. The old Land Rover saying "as slow as possible, fast as necessary," couldn't be more true.


  • How to equip your vehicle for overland travel.
  • Field mechanical repairs.
  • Expedition style driving & preservation.
  • Basic recovery.
  • Spotting and guiding.
  • Terrain analysis.

Seen above is a class favorite because it is common in trucks: We get you to a point of no traction with two wheels in the air and both spinning. Without using lockers or getting out of the vehicle, you learn how to get the vehicle moving again. This technique will change the way you drive your vehicle off-road!


  • 8:30am – Check-in, introductions, overview of the day.
  • Classroom driving techniques.
  • Gear: What you need, what you want, and what to consider.
  • Pre-departure routine and vehicle inspection.
  • Hands on driving techniques & basic recovery practice.
  • Spotting & guiding.
  • Lunch (a bagged lunch is included)
  • Trail ride with recovery practice.
  • 4:00pm - Wrap up



Sign up for the "Off-Road Basics" class along with the Overland Travel Training and we'll make it a 2-day experience you'll never forget!