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     The 4x4 Center has been providing training to BFGoodrich Tire Dealers since 1995. Dealers come to The 4x4 Training Center from around the country to learn first hand what BFGoodrich Tires will do, so they can make accurate and informed recommendations to you, the customer.

     NOW, there is a BFGoodrich Off-Road Experience for you, the customer! Not only will you experience the extreme durability and traction BFGoodrich Tires offer, but you'll also learn a lot of skills that prepare you to tackle your own off-road adventure!

     Learn more about the exciting experiences we offer by selecting one of our outstanding off-road courses. Each class starts with a classroom session to establish basic principles of driving technique and the mechanics of how 4×4 vehicles work and operate. When we venture outside the classroom, your hands-on driving experience begins with a driving demonstration before taking on 1,100 acres of Green Mountain terrain. You’ll tackle everything from mud, rock, sand, ravines, and depending on the season, snow and ice too. The 4x4 Center’s professional driving instructors will ensure you understand how the vehicles operate and provide driving tips along the way to ensure you have the most fun with your off-road experience.




     A one day immersive experience designed to provide drivers with basic trail driving techniques that progress into advanced vehicle control in diverse off-road situations. Whether you have no experience, or a mild level of experience, this class will get you ready to shift into 4WD, and know exactly what you are doing.

     This Off-Road Basics class covers all the skills you need to take your 4x4 off the road like - gear selection, steering control, onboard vehicle systems management, left foot braking, terrain analysis, and more! The one day immersive experience is designed to provide drivers with basic trail driving techniques, that progress into advanced vehicle control, in diverse off-road situations. Whether you have no experience, or a mild level of experience, this class will get you ready to shift into 4WD, and know exactly what you are doing.




     Looking for a fun adventure like white water rafting? The ultimate Vermont adventure getaway awaits at The 4x4 Training Center! We start this two-day off-road adventure nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains at 1,500ft of elevation, poised to take on 1,100 acres of trails. This adventure incorporates the best elements of all our classes to provide an immersive adventure experience that is safe for the family, and fun with a group of friends. Whether your off-road experience is some or none, you'll find these two days are packed with so much fun, you'll forget you are learning.


off-road Recovery

     Those experienced in off-roading will tell you first hand, it's not about how stuck you got, or bragging about what broke. To recover a vehicle means, you've respected both the limits of the vehicle and the environment, while getting back onto the trail. A good day on the trail is a day that doesn't cost more than a tank of gas, and was a fun day had by all.

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UTV Off-Road Adventure

     Outside of training individuals to drive safely and practically off-road, The 4x4 Driving School also offers some really fun adventures for folks that are just looking to have a good time! If the idea of white water rafting or sky diving have crossed your mind, how about heading out on an off-road UTV adventure. Sure, we're a driving school so you'll learn a few things while we're having fun, but the bulk of this adventure is performed in the drivers seat touring the trails of our 1,100-acre facility. Under the watchful eye of our expert instructors, students will progress, gradually increasing their skills from slow speed and flat ground maneuvers to operating on extremely rough terrain.

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The off-road training was amazing! I had no idea how much I still had to learn. The instructors and staff really know their stuff!