An Exciting Winter Driving Experience

Have you ever felt nervous or “out-of control” while driving on winter roads? Ever get stuck on snow and ice and wonder how you can get going, easier? Learn how to operate your vehicle with control and confidence and avoid accidents when bad weather strikes.


This is a fun, and exciting winter driving experience. Sure, this class is held at a driving school so you will learn things that will help you but more over, this is about getting out and driving in a way that you cannot experience, on legal roads. The cource begins with a small inside presentation that establishes basic principles of driving techniques and vehicle dynamics we'll be using. These techniques lay the foundation for what you'll begin to experience, once we hop into the vehicles.

Some of the topics we will cover include basic driving techniques, vehicle dynamics, vehicle systems, how cars “skid”, how to avoid obstacles, and how to keep your vehicle ready for winter. In the field, you will take what you learned in the classroom and apply it to some exciting exercises on our prepared surfaces that simulate difficult winter driving conditions.

This winter driving experience at The 4×4 Center Driving School is a great idea for new drivers, teenage drivers, and seasoned drivers alike. If someone you know has lost confidence due to an accident, this can be a revitalizing experience for them. A few hours with us can completely change your confidence for a lifetime of winter driving. The skills we teach are invaluable, and the experience is unforgettable. Download an informational brochure here.

Some important items covered in the course include:

  • Understanding how accidents happen
  • Exposure to the 5 ways cars skid
  • How to use vehicle systems like traction control, downhill descent, stabilitrak to affect your traction
  • Use of the throttle to transfer weight and regain steering control
  • Emergency evasive maneuvers
  • How to prepare your vehicle for safe winter driving

Are you ready for an Unforgettable driving experience?