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Recreational & Enthusiast Experiences

     If you are seeking to learn more about off-road recreation then you've come to the right place. The 4x4 Training Center provides a variety of classes and adventures that range from scenic and fun off-road rides, to in depth off-road learning experiences. New and experienced drivers find value in our off-road classes because this form of learning, only comes through experience. Whether you want to learn more about what it is like to drive a truck or UTV in the woods, how to find trails and navigate them, how to equip your vehicle, or if you are a serious off-roader looking to advance your recovery skills, you'll be sure to find our classes informative and exciting.

Fun Jeep Ride & Intro to Off-Road

Learn the basics of off-road driving

What you need to know about Overlanding

Ride safe & ride smart UTV / SxS class 

Fun Winter Driving Experience

Winter Driving Confidence Builder

Winter Driving Intensive Training

Introduction to Off-Road Driving

     Considering white water rafting or skydiving? Have you considered off-road driving? The intro to off-road is a beginner/intermediate class for those new to the sport, and those looking to go on a scenic Jeep ride with a twist of driving excitement. Folks that take these classes all over the world tell us that "nothing else compares" to the fun, and challenge we provide. Join us for a 1 or 2-day class, and leave with a lifetime of lessons that will prove to be helpful some day.


Off-Road Basics

     Save your tires, your drivetrain, and most importantly, your time and money with this Basics of Off-Road Driving class, that will help you avoid making costly mistakes. Instructors share the techniques that make off-road driving easier, smoother, more efficient, and safer. This class shaves years off the learning curve. Come as a beginner, and leave as an intermediate level off-road driver.



Overland Travel Training

     "Overlanding" is a form of travel as old as time - Learn from the experts how to prepare your vehicle for off-road expeditions, how to drive like a pro and read terrain like Magellan. In this class you also learn the how to be a good spotter, perform different kinds of recovery, and troubleshoot common vehicle problems. If you recently began overlanding and are having lots of fun, this class is the next best thing you can do to prepare your vehicle, and yourself, for anything that will come your way.



     This class is perfect for individuals that enjoy recreational trail riding, a family that has recently purchased an ATV or UTV, or a business that relies on these machines to get them from point A to point B. Beginning with basic safety, we quickly advance to conquering steep, rocky, terrain that tests the lessons being learned. These classes are designed to meet and exceed basic safety training requirements, while also offering a thrilling and informative day on the trail. This class is a must attend for young or new, UTV enthusiasts.




     Looking for something fun and different to try this winter? We have a fun winter driving experience that you won't want to pass up. This experience is held at a driving school so you will probably learn a few things but, this is about getting out and driving in a way that you cannot experience, on legal roads. While this class is geared more towards fun, the skills we teach are invaluable, and the experience is unforgettable. Drive 4x4 vehicles up the mountainside and rally small SUVs in our snow and ice training surfaces.

Winter driving fun

Basics of Safe Winter Driving

A driving experience designed to elevate your skill, and empower self-confidence. Participants engage in small groups with a driving instructor to learn and master vehicle dynamics, how and why vehicles slide, vehicle control, acceleration and braking skills conducted on snow and polished ice surfaces, and much more. This is a driving experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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     This is a comprehensive Winter Mobility class that covers both on-road and off-road driving on snow and ice. Day-1 is spent focusing on road-orientated skids, slides and higher speed skills. Day-2 focuses on driving in deeper snow on back roads & trails including recovery. Our winter mobility class prepares drivers for every winter driving condition and, how to be prepared for the unexpected.