Vermont's Off-Road Driving Experience & Jeep Rides

The Adventure of a Lifetime Starts at The 4x4 Training Center!

Owning a 4×4 is where the fun begins, and learning how to get the most out of your vehicle (and yourself) in any condition nature throws your way, is where the fun never ends.

The 4x4 Driving Center offers a number of courses for individuals and groups of beginners, experienced amateurs, and professional level drivers, geared at improving your skills while respecting your vehicle and our environment. Group classes allow us to train many people at once and our private classes can be customized based on your particular goals and interests. Your needs may be as specific as training for an off-road expedition to Africa or as general as learning to become a better day-to-day driver of your own 4×4. Whatever the occasion, we'll create a class that provides the best value to your group or family.

Guided Jeep Rides

Ride along with an Expert Jeep Guide as we summit the peaks of The Bolton Valley Ski Resort on some of the best and highest Jeep Trails in Vermont. Traveling along private trails only accessible through The 4x4 Driving Center this experience is one you'll never forget. Take in iconic views of Lake Champlain, capture a Sunset from the top of the Wilderness Ski Lift, or schedule an early morning Sunrise Ride. An excellent choice for a romantic outing or family ride.

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Off-Road Driving Experience

Each course starts with a classroom session to establish basic principles of driving techniques and the mechanics of how 4×4 vehicles work and operate. When we venture outside the classroom, your hands on driving experience will begin before taking on 3,000 acres of Green Mountain terrain. You’ll tackle everything from mud, rock, sand, ravines, and during the winter months, snow and ice along with our man-made obstacles and paved skid pad. Everyone doesn't have to drive, and we can mix riders and drivers.

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Ask us how to make it a memorable occasion! In the past we have created special programs that pit teams or individuals against one another. We can also present the entire group with a challenge requiring comprehensive teamwork to accomplish a single goal. These courses make a great idea for a birthday gift, a bachelor party to remember, team building adventure for a company or club, or just a fun day out in the Green Mountains. The skills we teach are invaluable, and the experience is unforgettable. No previous experience off-road driving is required.

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