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Land Rover Restoration Final Builds

     At The 4x4 Center we have been quietly and diligently restoring Land Rover Defenders since 1997. Until recently, that was because you could not buy a new one in the USA. Now that Land Rover has stopped production completely, this iconic vehicle is even more sought after. At The 4x4 Center we don’t just build Defenders that look good, we build Defenders that can be used and will last a long time. Being based in the northeast means we know what corrosion is and how to combat it. Trust The 4x4 Center with your restoration. Below you will find some previous restorations & repairs that we have completed.

Recent Restoration Projects

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1993 Land Rover Defender 110 2.8TDI

When this 110 came to us it had already had a 2.8 International TDI put in it along with some other changes, however the quality of workmanship had left the vehicle unreliable & far from the owners expectations.

1993 Land Rover Defender 110

The customer wanted a Defender 110 that was civilized to drive on the road, had improved off road ability, that's reliable, and was as corrosion proof as possible. What they brought us was the complete opposite.. 

1984 Land Rover Defender 110 Pickup Restoration

This '84 Land Rover was looking pretty good on the outside when it came into us but, underneath it was showing it's age. And, the customer wanted to change the color.

Land Rover Defender 110 Pick Up Restoration

This Land Rover Pickup was actually in pretty good condition when we receive it so it didn't need a full restoration. Rather, it had been flopped gently on it's side and beyond the body repairs the customer had a few other enhancements to make ...

Open and regular communication is the key to all of our successful projects. At the 4×4 Center, we make sure it’s smooth process that puts you into the vehicle of your dreams.

Learn to get the most out of your Land Rover at The 4×4 Center Driving School. Check out the challenges that await you at our 3,000 acre facility in Bolton, Vermont. Use one of our vehicles. It’s a fun, educational experience you’ll never forget.

The 4x4 Center is a World Class Land Rover Restoration facility located in South Burlington Vermont, known for North East Land Rover Repair and East Coast Land Rover Restoration and, is in no way affiliated with Jaguar Land Rover of North America.