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About the Driving School

Since 1993, The 4×4 Center Driving School has been challenging drivers to explore and achieve new levels of skill both on road and off road. Our clients include professional and recreational drivers. We have classes geared to everyone from groups looking for a team building experience to the United States military.

Every course starts with a presentation to establish some basic principles of driving techniques and the mechanics of how these vehicles work and operate. Only then can you master the critical relationships between the driver and the vehicle and the vehicle and the terrain.


  • Advanced driving techniques
  • Traversing Extreme Terrain
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Field Maintenance & Repair
  • Winter Driving
  • Defensive Driving Techniques

Some of the topics we will cover include four-wheel drive systems, proper gear selection, and vehicle preservation. In the field, driving one of our fleet of Land Rovers and Toyotas, you will take what you learned in the classroom and apply it to some challenging terrain in northern Vermont.

The 4×4 Center training facility in the heart of the Green Mountains has over 3,000 acres of natural terrain with fifteen miles of trails. We also feature fifteen acres of man-made obstacles, including a paved skid pad, which can be watered down to simulate various weather conditions. Our northern Vermont location allows for outstanding winter driving challenges from December through March.

All of our instructors have years if not decades of experience operating 4×4 vehicles, and are highly trained as drivers and mechanics with extensive practice in extreme vehicle operation, repair and recovery.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your professional driving resume, want to teach your employees some job-related driving skills, need to learn expedition related driving techniques, or just want to enjoy a fun day in the field, we promise you an experience you’ll never forget.



The Michelin and BFGoodrich tire companies trust the 4×4 Center Driving School to provide their sales forces with firsthand experience of their products in the field. They trust us to push these tires to the limit and demonstrate their full capabilities. You can learn more at that schools dedicated website indicated, as an added benefit to our customers, we monitor vehicles movement with GPS enabled performance meters. Multi camera video capture is also available simultaneously with the data collection.

Onsite lodging, meals and meeting space is available from our partners at Bolton Valley Resort and The Essex.