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A World-Class Land Rover Restoration Center

     The 4×4 Center has earned a reputation for our expertise in modifying, upgrading and restoring Land Rover Defenders. We have specialized in helping customers realize his or her unique vision for a restoration or custom modification of a Land Rover for over 20 years. The restoration of a Land Rover is often the culmination of a dream for many of our clients. To ensure we deliver on this dream, we take the process and our clients’ wishes very seriously. Rover owners from the East Coast, to Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico choose The 4x4 Center as their Land Rover Restoration Facility because The 4x4 Center is known for creating traditional restorations that last a long time, and can be serviced easily, regardless of where you live. Our reputation in the Land Rover community helps us to attract very talented technicians, amassing lots of hands-on experience, dealing with every aspect of these vehicles.

     Beyond a deep understanding of the mechanics, we also appreciate the artistic aesthetics of the Land Rover. With a well-trained eye for detail and technique The 4x4 Center can restore a Land Rover Defender just as it was the day it rolled out of the factory in Solihull, England. At the same time, we're also able to meet the challenge of maintaining the authentic feel of classic Land Rover construction; even when performing a totally modern modification such as adding GPS and backup cameras, which are completely foreign to the original Land Rover design. Wherever possible, we upgrade to better quality materials, to ensure a quality restoration.


We build classic Land Rover Defenders true to their roots, and restored to level of strength and performance, that rivals showroom quality.


Why the 4x4 Center?

Deciding which shop to use for your restoration is the most important step in the whole process.

Things to consider when evaluating different shops are:

Shop History and Track Record

     How long has the shop been in business? If you’re putting down a deposit and your Defender is about to be pulled apart you want to make sure they are around to complete the job. Does the shop staff have a history of Defender restorations or are you the guinea pig for someone that just quit their office job with dreams of starting or working in a Defender shop? At the 4x4 Center, we've been restoring Land Rovers for two decades and we have lifelong customers from around the world who choose us because of our quality work and exceptional service.


     Does the shop you are considering have staff dedicated to restoration work? Or is a one-man show where the tech spends more time looking for parts than working on your Defender? Or is your project going to be fill in work when the shop is slow? At the 4x4 Center, we have dedicated and staff with years of experience who will to get your restoration project done right.

Attention to Detail

     Is the shop you are considering capable of building a Defender that will last or, are they just creating something that looks good for a short time? Do they have the knowledge & access to the right materials to make it last? The 4x4 Center has been restoring Land Rovers since 1994. During that time we have built a wealth of experience and contacts. Being based in the Northeast where salt is dumped on the roads in vast quantities, we know what it takes to build a Defender that has vastly more corrosion proofing than when it rolled off the production line in Solihull. Our experience in Land Rover Restoration and attention to every detail ensures that you will be delivered a restored vehicle that will function as if new and that will provide years of enjoyment.

Turn Around Time

     Restoration shops are notorious for being black holes into which vehicles disappear for years and years. At The 4x4 Center we work very hard to keep timelines reasonable. When your Defender first arrives, we do our very best to get it evaluated and connect with you for the preliminary conversation regarding cost and timelines within two weeks. Depending on our backlog and what you want done to the Defender, our goal is to get started on the project within four months of your vehicle arriving.



     Open and regular communication is the key to all of our successful projects. At the 4×4 Center, we make sure it’s smooth process that puts you into the vehicle of your dreams. During the restoration process we stay in touch, emailing up to date billing information and stage-by-stage photos of the project so you can see in real time how the vehicle is taking shape. Our office is staffed with service manager, service writer, parts person etc. so when you call, someone picks up the phone & either gets you an answer or a call back.


Our team

     The 4×4 Center owner, Mike Hopwood, comes from the heart of Land Rover country, The Midlands of England, and has had his head under the bonnet of Rovers since he was thirteen years old. In addition to his knowledge regarding these machines, Mike’s background is handy for sourcing even the most hard to find and/or oddball parts. The 4x4 Center relies on the best available materials and Mike personally travels to England once a year to stock our shop with a large collection of the best Land Rover components available. This not only guarantees quality, it minimizes waiting time, and keeps projects moving along quickly.

     Our technicians have completed many rebuilds and restorations, and the depth of our experience pays off in many ways for our customers. For example, you can be confident that The 4×4 Center will finish any job we start. Our experience with Land Rover Restorations gives us a clear idea of what a project will need, where challenges will pop up, and what it will take to complete a project. Unlike less experienced shops that bite off more than they can chew, we won’t walk away leaving you with a half-finished metal sculpture. Similarly, our experience gives us a good understanding of what a project is going cost. 

Our Land Rover Restoration Work Flow

Restoration Planning

The 4x4 Center will work closely with you throughout the planning phase to ensure that your wants and desires are properly integrated into your vehicle.

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Upgrade Options

Learn about the common upgrades many Land Rover owners make, and some you may want to consider. Now is the time to add power, gearing, or other comforts that you may want.

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Restoration Process

Throughout the restoration, special care and consideration is applied as technicians individually examine each part of the vehicle to ensure all rust or corrosion is mitigated and that it will return to a "new" working order.

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Common Challenges

It is our goal to be as thorough as possible when inspecting your vehicle and planning however, unforeseen and unknown issues do arise from time to time with corrosion and rust issues being the most common. 

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Finalizing the Build

Once that the restoration work is done, your vehicle will be driven to ensure all craftsmanship adheres to our highest standards. The last step, of course, is to put the keys in your hands, your foot on the gas, and a smile on your face. See some of the quality work we have done on past vehicle restoration projects.

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Recent Land Rover Restorations

1993 Land Rover Defender 110 2.8TDI

When this 110 came to us it had already had a 2.8 International TDI put in it along with some other changes, however the quality of workmanship had left the vehicle unreliable & far from the owners expectations.

1993 Land Rover Defender 110

The customer wanted a Defender 110 that was civilized to drive on the road, had improved off road ability, that's reliable, and was as corrosion proof as possible. What they brought us was the complete opposite.. 

1984 Land Rover Defender 110 Pickup Restoration

This '84 Land Rover was looking pretty good on the outside when it came into us but, underneath it was showing it's age. And, the customer wanted to change the color.

Land Rover Defender 110 Pick Up Restoration

This Land Rover Pickup was actually in pretty good condition when we receive it so it didn't need a full restoration. Rather, it had been flopped gently on it's side and beyond the body repairs the customer had a few other enhancements to make ...

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The 4x4 Center is a World Class Land Rover Restoration facility located in South Burlington Vermont, known for North East Land Rover Repair and East Coast Land Rover Restoration and, is in no way affiliated with Jaguar Land Rover of North America.

The 4x4 Driving School

     Learn to get the most out of your Land Rover at The 4×4 Center Driving School. Check out the challenges that await you at our 1,200 acre facility in Bolton, Vermont. Use one of our vehicles. It’s a fun, educational experience you’ll never forget.