Winter Driving Experience

Vermont Snow Driving Lessons

Nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains, The 4x4 Training Center of Vermont provides a winter driving experience that will elevate any drivers skill. Challenge yourself and our vehicles on privately plowed roads, trails, ice lane, and skid pad. Drivers of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences will build the skills and confidence needed to prepare for, and to navigate, slippery and dangerous winter roads. For roughly the cost of your collision deductible participants of this course learn a lifetime of skills that will make them less likely to be involved in an adverse weather related accident.

Serious Challenges Await

  • Learn to assess different road conditions
  • Understand how different types of snow and different types of ice affect driving
  • Conquer vehicle skids & slides
  • Master advanced braking techniques
  • Drive on hills & side slopes
  • Starts & stops on our refrigerated ice lane
  • Select the right tire for your vehicle
  • ABS vs Standard braking techniques
  • How to prepare your vehicle for winter

If you have been seeking Vermont Winter Driving Lessons or Snow Driving Lessons this is the class for you. This is the only snow driving class offered locally that we know of and it is designed for drivers of all ages and experience levels. All vehicles, helmets, equipment, and insurances are provided by The 4x4 Training Center. Choose your lesson type: Private lesson, 2 participants & 1 instructor, or 3 participants and 1 instructor.

We're Ready, Are You?