Trailer Operation

Trailer Training

Anyone can tow a trailer, but should they? We often take it for granted that employees know these skills, but how frequently are these liabilities and risks tested? Ongoing training and practice is essential to the safety of our employees and property especially when dangerous tasks are handled daily. Key employees need to be able to maneuver trailers on congested roads, in tight city blocks, and in open areas with confidence. Each of these scenarios are taught on our training pad, in a 48” Truck & Trailer to foster the highest levels of confidence.


  • Trailer safety inspection technique.
  • Comfort with basic trailer operation.
  • Proper hitch height and connection to vehicle.
  • Load distribution and securing.
  • Jack knife avoidance.
  • 5 Methods for reversing a trailer.
  • Trailer brake operation & safety precautions.
  • How to manage emergency situations.


A classroom session ensures students understand the basic mechanics, proper operating techniques, and potential dangers of trailer operation. The bulk of this course is performed on a dedicated training pad to prioritize the importance of practice and “seat time.” While one drives, others watch on and learn from their mistakes. Under the watchful eye of our expert instructors, every student drives progressing their skills, and having fun along the way.