The 4x4 Training Center COVID-19 Protocol

     The 4x4 Training Center is practicing every possible measure to keep our facility and our experiences safe for students and faculty. We take Covid-19 very seriously and we base our policies on CDC and State guidelines.  They are subject to change as State and Federal recommendations are modified. If you plan to attend our school, you will be expected to follow these guidelines or you will be asked to leave the facility.

Safety Policies 

  • Upon arrival participants will complete a short questionnaire and provide contact information for contact tracing purposes
  • All employees and participants will have their temperature checked each morning
  • Face masks are mandatory for all staff and participants at the facility and must be worn at all times
    • Participants may bring their own mask, or one will be provided at the school
  • Hand sanitation is required upon arrival
    • Hand sanitizers are available throughout the facility
  • Social distancing is required both indoors and outdoors – 6 – 10 feet spacing
  • Classroom participation will be conducted maintaining a minimum 6-foot distance

Facility & Vehicle Sanitization

  • All common area surfaces in the facility are cleaned and disinfected twice daily
  • High touch areas are disinfected multiples times daily
  • Seating and personal areas disinfected at each “break and move”
  • All vehicles are cleaned and disinfected twice daily
  • All common area surfaces in vehicles are disinfected between driver changes and exercises
    • Shifters & door handles
    • Steering wheel and controls
    • Radio & heat controls
    • Seat belts
  • Helmets wiped down after each use and disinfected daily.  
    • Helmet liners are provided

General Items

  • Cross flow ventilation provided when possible
  • Outdoor facilities to be used whenever possible with sun / rain cover
  • Signs are posted with policies and procedures
  • Driver and instructor to stay together throughout exercise to minimize social contact
  • Vehicle windows open whenever possible
  • Medical staff on site daily