Truck, SUV, and Car Tires in South Burlington, VT

The 4x4 Center of S. Burlington, VT proudly carries BF Goodrich Tires and Michelin Tires. Through our ongoing testing and Off Road Training Center we have found these two brands to be long lasting, high quality tires. These are the tires we choose for our families as they brave dangerous VT Winter roads. Better yet, you can have these tires for the same price we pay, cost!

Selecting the right tire for your driving style

Summer Tires

Summer time places a lot of demand on a tire. Long distance drivers will want a road tire that wears well to reach high miles, we have many in stock that freequently see 50,000+ miles. All terrain tires are very common in New England because many of us use them into the winter and spring because they offer a more diverse tread pattern. Looking for the best offer on summer tires? Shop no further than The 4x4 Center!

Off Road Tires

Once you start talking Off Road tires, the opinions can get deep fast. It all comes down to the terrain you drive on, your vehicle, and your preference. At our 4x4 Driving Center we find the BF Goodrich KM2 to be a great "everything VT" tire. It gets us through the mud, snow, and rocks without issue and actually has very good road manners. While we see many rigs running these tires through the winter, we personally prefer a tire with additional siping for those slippery roads.

Winter Tires

You can notice a Winter Tire right off by looking at the tread pattern. The tread will be full of little tiny ridges and cuts, this feature is called "siping" and it is these features that make your car stick to the icy roads in the winter. As ice builds up on the roads, the ridges in the pavement become shallower thus, creating the need for a tire that takes advantage of every possible ridge in the road to both get you traction and help you stop. Whether you are driving a passenger car or a company vehicle, The 4x4 Tire Center has the tires you need to make your vehicle, the king of the mountain.

Two REALLY IMPORTANT facts regarding your tires, and safety, that are commonly overlooked.

This is not a sales pitch, the fact of the matter is that many folks learned these facts following Paul Walkers death. If you aren't familiar, Paul Walker was a star actor in the Fast and Furious movies who was killed when a tire on his Porsche exploded.

  • Dry Rotted Tires - This isn't a state inspection gimmick, when your tires become dry rotted you will see small cracks in the tread pattern and possibly on the side wall too. As you drive down the road friction between your tire and the road heats up the tire, there for increasing the internal pressure. A dry rotted tire becomes more suceptable to a blowout as these pressures increase. Keep yourself and your family safe, if you have any questions about your tires, contact The 4x4 Center and just ask!
  • Tires have an expiration date - You will find the tire expiration date on the sidewall of your tire. The tires that killed Paul Walker were beyond their expiration date but, he wasn't worried because the tread on them was still good.. As your tires age UV light breaks down the rubber compounds and they become more brittle. This is simply a safety issue you should know about.