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Truck, SUV, and Car Tires in South Burlington, VT

The 4x4 Center of S. Burlington, VT sells tires for cars, SUV’s and Light Trucks. We carry most brands, including tires from BFGoodrich and Michelin.



All Season Tires

     Most vehicles come with all season tires. As the name implies, these tires are designed to give good traction year round. If you don’t want to have two sets of tires (winter & summer), it is best to pick an all season with decent winter capability. Load range & speed rating are also another factor when purchasing your new set of tires. The 4x4 Center can advise on all these parameters.

Winter Tires

     The best tire choice for New England, where we can see snow on the roads from October to April, is a set of all season tires for the warmer months & a set of winter tires for the Winter season. Winter tires are designed to operate in temperatures below 34F and are packed full of features that allow the tire to get maximum traction in ice & snow. Think you don’t need winter tires with 4wd? Incorrect! 4wd doesn’t help you stop & steer. The 4x4 Center can help you make the best choice for your truck or SUV.

Off-Road Tires & Plus Sized Tires

     Whether you want larger tires to compliment your lift or off-road tires for your next trip, there are many decisions to be made. Height, width, tread type, load range etc, etc. This is where The 4x4 Center’s experience will help you avoid an expensive mistake.



Avoiding tire wear can be done by:

  • Making sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Frequent rotations.
  • Check for abnormal wear patterns regularly & if you see something unusual get your suspension and steering checked immediately.
  • Abnormal wear is usually caused by:
    • Under or over inflated tires.
    • Incorrect alignment.
    • Worn or failed steering components.
    • Worn or failed suspension components.