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Remote Worksite Safety Class

Give your employees the training they need to travel and work within their remote worksites with more confidence, productivity, and safety.

This course is designed specifically for those for who getting to the worksite can be as difficult as the job itself.  We will methodically progress the students from theoretical discussions of vehicle mechanics and dynamics to intensive hands on off-road driving and recovery practice with light trucks, UTV's and ATV's.

  • Classroom work on the basics of Off-Road Driving and UTV/ATV handling.
  • Intro to Off-Road driving in the field
  • Intro to Off-Road Recovery Gear and Winching
  • Intro to UTV/ATV operation and handling in the field
  • Off-Road trail ride with increasing difficulty and real world recovery practice.
  • UTV/ATV adventure ride


In addition to this off-road training, this 2-day course includes Powered Industrial Truck (forklift) and chainsaw training:

  • OSHA compliant "Powered Industrial Truck" training and certification.  Even if your employees don't actually operate "forklifts", this is the foundation of all heavy equipment training and provides a paper trail for your training history.  Our certified trainer will focus on the potential dangers of equipment, the importance of a pre-operation check, the basics of mechanical sympathy and respect, and practical operation of the machine.
  • Simple, but effective Chainsaw Safety Training.  Chainsaws are some of the most used but least understood tools people use.  Our trainers will go over the most common mistakes and help you practice using chainsaws safely.  Even people with many years of experience will gain the skills needed to use their chainsaws more effectively and safely.


This course is completed over two days.  Day one focuses on the theory and skill development in our purpose built practice area.  Day two is reserved for the trail rides where your new skills will be put to the test over 1100 acres of mountainous terrain.


Optional course additions:

  • First Aid/CPR
  • Rough terrain Powered Industrial Truck (PIT); "Lull", "tele-handler"
  • Agricultural PIT; tractor with forks
  • On-Road defensive driving



Applicable Industries:

  • Utilities
  • General Contractors
  • Mining
  • Renewable; Wind and Solar
  • Ski Areas
  • Forestry
  • Natural Resource Agencies