Owning a 4×4 is where the fun begins, but learning how to get the most out of your vehicle (and yourself!) in any conditions nature can throw your way is where the fun never ends.

We offer a number of courses at the 4×4 Center Driving School for individuals and groups of beginners, experienced amateurs and professional level drivers. We can also customize programs based on your particular goal. This can be something as specific as training for an off-road expedition to Africa or as general as learning to become a better day-to-day driver of your own 4×4.

Every course starts with a classroom session to establish some basic principles of driving techniques and the mechanics of how 4×4 vehicles work and operate. When we venture out into the field, you’ll be taking on 3,000 acres of Green Mountain terrain. You’ll tackle everything from mud, rock, sand, ravines and, during the winter months, snow and ice along with our man-made obstacles and paved skid pad.


In some cases, our program consists of exercises that can pit teams or individuals against one another. We can also present the entire group with a challenge requiring comprehensive teamwork to accomplish a single goal.

The 4×4 Center uses a fleet of Land Rovers and Toyotas.

A course at The 4×4 Center Driving School is a great idea for a birthday gift, bachelor party, team building adventure for a company or club or just a fun day out in the field. The skills we teach are invaluable, and the experience is unforgettable.

Come drive with the 4×4 Center. You’re guaranteed to get some mud in your smile.