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Land Rover Projects & Restorations

The 4×4 Center has earned an international reputation for our expertise in renovating and restoring Land Rovers. Nothing is as gratifying to us as helping a customer realize his or her unique vision for a restoration or custom modification of a Land Rover.

We can do everything from install a rust-proofing package, to outfitting a vehicle for overland travel to adding winches and roof racks to a full blown, soup to nuts restoration.

Our reputation in the Land Rover community helps us to attract the most talented technicians from the U.S. and Europe. Our team has decades of hands-on experience dealing with every aspect of these vehicles.

Beyond a deep understanding of the mechanics, we also appreciate the artistic aesthetics of Land Rovers. With a well trained eye for detail and technique we can recreate a Land Rover just as it was the day it rolled out of the factory in Solihull, England. But, we are also able to meet the challenge of maintaining the authentic feel of classic Rover construction even when performing a totally modern modification or adding a feature that might be completely foreign to the original Land Rover design. When we can, we upgrade to better quality materials.

The 4×4 Center owner, Mike Hopwood, comes from the heart of Land Rover country, Worcestershire, England, and has had his head under the hoods of Rovers since he was thirteen years old. In addition to his knowledge and skill regarding these machines, Mike’s background is handy for scrounging even the most hard to find and/or oddball parts. We only use the finest materials at the 4×4 Center, and Mike personally travels to England at least once a year to stock our shop with a large collection of the best Land Rover components available. This not only guarantees quality, it minimizes waiting time and keeps projects moving along quickly.

All of our technicians have completed many rebuilds and restorations, and the depth of our experience pays off in many ways for
our customers.

For example, you can be confident the 4×4 Center will finish any job we start. Because we’ve done so many, we have a clear idea of what work it will take to complete a project. Unlike some less experienced shops that bite off more than they can chew, we won’t walk away leaving you with a half-finished metal sculpture. Similarly, our experience gives us a good understanding of what a project is going cost. Accurate estimates are important so our customers don’t inadvertently bite off more than their budgets can chew.

Open and regular communication is the key to any successful project. At the 4×4 Center, we make sure it’s smooth process that puts you in a vehicle that can tackle the roughest terrain.

Learn to get the most out of your Land Rover at The 4×4 Center Driving School. Check out the challenges await you at our 3000 acre facility in Bolton, Vermont. Use one of our vehicles. It’s a fun, educational experience you’ll never forget.