Denali Magneride Delete

What do you do when the Magneride shocks begin to fail in your in your GMC Denali Truck?

Contact The 4x4 Center! The shocks on this Denali truck failed at 52,000 miles and they cost $600 per corner to replace ????. Instead of replacing them we installed something a bit better, that still preserves the ride quality.

We were able to bypass the Magneride system in a way that allows the removal of the OEM shocks and ride height sensors, without compromising the truck. ie - it still runs & drives great and all the error lights are off! With the Magneride system out of the way, we installed a 2” suspension lift that is so supple, you might not notice the Magneride Shocks have been removed.

Share this with your Denali owning friends because they’ll love knowing they can get more Truck, for less than just the cost of a repair!

GMC Magneride Suspension Replacement